Places to order awards?
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Any recommendations on places to order award-type items from? Kind of like trophies but not that cheesy . . . thinking specifically about having something made out of lucite, nothing fancy, but needs to look professional.

I have no idea where to order something like this, and when you Google "lucite award" you get about a million results.
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PlaqueMaker.Com may have what you're after.
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Well, I'm actually in the process of developing a website for a woman who does laser engraving, which includes trophies, awards, and all that jazz.

If you're interested, I can put you in touch with her for a quote. (Email is in my profile.) She has lower overhead so her rates may be quite competitive. There's a supplier's catalog online I can send your way as well.

Not trying to semi-self-promote here, just happened to be the first thing that popped into mind when I read your question.

You can also find a bunch of sites online if you search for 'engraving' or 'laser engraving', etc. Good luck.
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Have you had a good experience with them?
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I've had excellent experience with Procon Marketing. Ask for Michael Reisbaum - 1 877 4 PROCON.
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(Sorry, was responding to divabat there.)
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I have a plaque from PlaqueMaker - I didn't make it, the label was stuck to the back of the plaque I received. So I don't know really.
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Midwest Trophy - is a huge trophy, etc. company that does everything you could possibly imagine. They've done some big name projects and tons of everyday trophies/awards as well.
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Look in your local yellow pages under "trophies." There are likely several local firms.
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AwardCraft -- my former employer. They mostly deal with distributors but, for one-offs, you can definitely order directly.
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As you don't say what the award is for, I'm not sure whether this is helpful, but you instead of trophies or plaques you should look into elegant useful items that can be engraved. At a benefit I helped plan, the awards we gave were custom-designed silver bracelets engraved to commemorate the event. Also things like beautiful hourglasses, desk clocks, wine glasses, anything that is classy and distinctive.
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A1Jet The website doesn't highlight this, but they love doing custom award-type things.
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