I need help with the name of some apparently obscure song I heard a while back...
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I need help with the name of some apparently obscure song I heard a while back...

I heard a song about a year ago on a local independent radio station late night music show called Rainbow Road, and given the variety of stuff they play and the fact they have no archive of songs played I can't go back to figure out what it was (and I don't know the exact date for sure).

Anyways, the song was a somewhat country-mixed-jam bit that had a lot of "Andy Griffith Show" references but tied them into smoking marijuana. Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about?
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it's not Rascal Flatts' Mayberry, is it?

Nirvana's Floyd the Barber also references the show.
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I thought of those too, Poolio, but neither of them reference marijuana. Can you give us any snippets of lyric, deacon_blues?
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This vaguely rings a bell for me -- I think the song is a few years old. I might have downloaded it from pastemusic.com.

Not much help, but at least you know you didn't make it up. :)
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Or, I'm thinking I may have heard it on The Eclectic Company. You might email those guys and ask.
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The song made reference to one of the characters, I want to say either Barney or Opie, smoking a pipe or something similar. I'll give that a shot sugarfish, thanks.

And Poolio: No, it's not Mayberry. Although I'm sure Mayberry is mentioned somewhere in the song i'm referring to.

It was on one of those late night public radio shows where a couple of buddies are drinking and throwing on some old gems but never really keeping track. Any more help would be much appreciated and thanks everybody so far.
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On a related note:

As Fife, Knotts voiced the only mention of marijuana on The Andy Griffith Show, saying he suspected one of the townsfolk working his fields might be tending a crop of "happy weed." [via Wikiquote]
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Near positive you heard BR-549 doing "Me and Opie (Down by the Duck Pond)". One of my favorite Nashville bands.
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Oh, kimdog, I think you have it. Or at least you have the one I'm thinking of.
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Perhaps it was a song from a record by the Asylum Street Spankers. In 2000 they released a whole drugs theme album called Spanker Madness. I don't specifically remember a song like that, but it has been 7 years since I've listened to the album.

Amazon link to album (with song samples): here

Their website: here
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Bingo kimdog, thank you!
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