Podcast business?
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Podcast business?

Apologize as I should do more of my own research first before asking this question-

I'd like to try to develop, create, and produce podcasts for other companies (don't want to go into detail, but I'd like to create something like the Nature podcast). I feel very comfortable with the content area for the podcast, but not the business aspect or production of a podcast.

If anyone has any info or can point to references, the questions revolve around trying to create a business that makes such podcasts.

For example, how much can one business charge another to create podcasts for them? Where would I find such information?

If I want to create podcasts, is downloading the free software and just creating it the best way to go about this? Or would a class provide help?

Could I truly create the content, play a role in creating the podcast, outsource the editting, and still make this a viable business? Are there other businesses that would edit a podcast for a low cost?

If there are great web sites, articles, etc, that you can suggest that may help with creating a podcast or running such a business, that would be great too. Thanks

Don't worry I'm not quitting my day job, I just want to start taking action while working at the same time.
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Technically, a podcast is just an mp3 on a website. What you would be offering is audio programming production for companies that would like to add a podcast to their online presence. This sounds like a viable business opportunity for someone who already has a foot in the door of either online marketing or audio production. If you don't, you should start by looking into how people make money doing those things.

I do think this is a viable business opportunity, but in many ways similar to vanilla web site construction - Some people will understand the value and be willing to pay a lot, others will be just look at a site and think "I can do that myself, why should I pay anyone else?"
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I highly suggest working at a local community or university radio station if you're interested in podcasting. You should be able to get the gist of producing shows while volunteering.
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As a separate business? Tough. But...

I know a number of production groups (that do video+ web) that someone 'passionate' has started helping them offer it to their end clients.

It sounds like you want either a job with them, or to offer them subcontracting work.
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I know someone who's trying this right now. They've had a few takers, but are stuck mostly doing spec work or trying to find high-profile, low money jobs to get their names out there.
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lots of info here: gruntmedia.com
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