Lost stock cert
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I own some restricted stock in an OTCBB company but I have lost the cert. What are my options if any?
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The company will have you registered as a shareholder and should be able to reissue the certificate. If they are large enough to have shareholder services, you can contact someone there. If they are a smaller company, the treasurer or CFO should be able to help.
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This is also what security deposit boxes are for. If that's going to be an ongoing issue (e.g., you move a lot), retain the services of a private banker, who will almost always be a broker-dealer or whose firm will have a broker-dealer service.
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I say this because contacting and receiving a cert from a company that does not have shareholder services can be a pain the ass.
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Open a trading account, and deposit your replacement certificate there. There will be some additional paperwork to register it because it is restricted, but it will be a lot less hassle in the future. Just pick a broker who won't charge for an low activity or no activity account.
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Call the company ans ask who their transfer agent is. Then call the transfer agent. They should be able to re-issue legend securities.
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Response by poster: I called the transfer agent (who was quite rude) and she told me that I needed a lost instrument bond and that this was usually more expensive than the value of the security.
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Assuming that we are talking about securities valued at more than a few hundred dollars, the transfer agent doesn't know what she is talking about...indemnity bonds (to protect the company/transfer agent in case the certificate shows up in someone else's hands later) should cost something less than 5% of the value of the lost security. Did you ask the transfer agent to put a "stop transfer" on the stock? The fact that it is restricted should make the point moot but better safe than sorry.
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