Why is my lip being horrible to me?
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Someone tell me what this thing on my lip is, and why it's there. It's transparent and firm. I attempted to squeeze it and it briefly turned dark red. It isn't painful. I've only now become aware of it; it might have been there yesterday. Blurry picture inside!

Here is the blurry picture of it:

Should I have have this looked at? Should I be familiar with this or have developed one before?
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Oh oh oh I had one of those! I totally should have gone to the doctor, too - I ended up getting rid of it but it was totally a scene from a Stephen King novel - needle, scalpel, blood everywhere, the cats looking on in horror. I had popped it - with a needle - a couple of times, and drained off a thick, clear fluid, but it kept coming back and getting bigger. In the end, there was something in there that wasn't fluid - scar tissue maybe? Who knows? Anyway, it never came back after my home-brew surgery, but I still wouldn't recommend it. See a doctor - and post back here!
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No clue, but I've had them before and they always go away on their own. I'll be watching this question to see if anyone knows what they are!
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Seconding having had one, and having popped it, and having it disappear on its own. I will also keep my eyes on this.
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I get them too - usually I pop or bite them off with my teeth. Probably shouldn't but it gets rid of them.
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I've had one like that before, too. Generally I would worry at it til it popped, but probably it will go away faster if you leave it alone. I've never known what it was.
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Canker sore?
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Blood blister?
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I had an unidentified lump in my lip that ended up going away only after some amoxycillin treatment. It would be worth seeing a doctor if it doesn't go away.
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I'm plagued with canker sores when I don't get enough sleep. They look like that, before they get painful.
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It'll go away. My doctor said it's caused by a virus (kind of like mild herpes or something) - I get them all the time. They never last more than a day or two.
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A Mucocele! wiki

I just leafed through way too many pages of grody pictured not to be right.
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It's a canker. No big whup. If it starts to hurt, get some orajel.
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I get those, too, and just bite them off.
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A Fordyce spot or granule, also called a minor salivary gland or a sebaceous gland. This one has probably gotten plugged.

Leave it be; it'll go away by itself.
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Seconding mococele. I get them every once in a while. Had one removed ages ago (and identified). Each one since I just lance and try to keep open until it heals.
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Mucocele! Not fun or easy things to google because they tend to show you severe cases that require surgery. I had a tiny one on my lower lip that annoyed me like hell back in mid-June that lasted about 5 weeks. Felt like a small white bump or zit and biting just made it worse. I recommend ignoring it as best as you can. It may take a while, but should go away.

Oh, and it may come back too. And go away again.
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Actually, that's not a canker sore. I was wrong. Mucocele seems correct, my cankers have never been that big.
Also, YUCK.
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It popped. When exactly, I don't know: I had expected my mouth to fill with some gelatinous, carrion-flavored ooze, but nothing exciting or unusual happened. This is the most intense anticlimax of my life.

I'm sorry.
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