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Why does Apple Mail stop receiving new messages?

I've now seen this behavior on three separate computers (two Core Duo Macbooks, one Dual G5 tower, all running 10.4.10). It started a couple weeks ago.

Periodically, without warning, Mail just stops pulling in new messages. No error messages. Can still send mail just fine. It's not the mail server(s), because I've seen this with different mail accounts, though both are IMAP. Quitting and restarting Mail solves the problem.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this issue documented anywhere?
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I get this when I open another mail client connecting to the same IMAP servers (e.g. two mail clients open at once to the same IMAP server.) IMAP should be ok with this, but I was told it's a problem with my particular hosted mail servers that they don't support a certain type of IMAP syncing. Notably, my iphone's IMAP connector is a big problem causer.
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Has there been come change to Apple's handing of IMAP that would cause this? I've been working under this scenario for a while with no problems, then BAM- no mail :(.
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NB, Apple doesn't interpret some IMAP flag as everyone else does.
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