Oh, please help Me(fi)!
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So I thought I knew computers... but this network is killing me. I can connect, full strength, etc. But I can't actually connect to the internet. My IP is Using an 850G (motorola) WAP, Cox SurfBoard modem. Other computers (this one, which is, connect fine, it seems.

There's no encryption on the network right now. I'm connecting to the right one. One thing that's in the mix is that I'm using a Thinkpad that, since the last set of changes that I've done, uses Windows to manage wireless connections, not Access Connections. Access Connections seems to do some things though, but it can't detect networks at all. Ipconfig is intermittently giving me a device error.

My laptop connects, as I said before, but can't get out to the internet. I don't know what the f is wrong. Any clues as far as which device should be the DHCP server? Any settings that are default / recommended, standard?

Yes, I know it should have encryption. But I'm desperate, and I just want a connection any way that it can work.

And school starts in two days. I'm pretty pissed. Any help?
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If anyone can guide me on how to get Access Connections to take over my connection management? It's installed but not doing shit.
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do ipconfig /all on a machine that works and your laptop. make sure that your default gateway and dns servers match. if they don't, futz around with the wireless connection settings. i had to turn off a 'override default dns' setting on my girlfriend's thinkpad a month ago to get it to play nicely.
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Well, you dont want 2 different wifi managers on there. I'm assuming Access is the IBM one. You can disable the windows networking agent like so.

Now check your settings in control panel > network Conenctions. In the properties of the wireless connection make sure everything is set to obtain everything automatically under the properties of tcpip.

Lastly, does this laptop have a hardware wireless switch? Perhaps a function key combination to enable or disable wireless? Perhaps you left this on.
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ipconfig /all

returns the wonderful message that "A device attached to this computer is not functioning correctly"
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Reboot the modem, the router... everything.
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k8t: done, many, many times. I rebooted my laptop most recently, but before that I rebooted everything in the system and did the whole order (modem, router, then laptop) again.

ape: wireless radio is on, according to one of the access connections things. access connections can't find any networks, though, even though windows can.
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if it's a notebook it should have both wireless and ethernet network adaptors. does it specify which is not functioning correctly? if it's the ethernet, we don't have to worry about it affecting the wireless.

you can also go into control panel - system - hardware - device manager and any malfunctioning devices should have an exclamation point.
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On the functioning computer, what does ipconfig /all show for Default Gateway and DHCP Server?
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noloveforned: device manager only has the fast infrared port crossed out.

nerro: the functioning computer shows quite a bit: description, physical address, etc. default gateway, DHCP and DNS servers are all192.168.10.1, with DHCP and autoconfiguration enabled.

On my laptop, Active Connections doesn't allow me to power on the wireless radio, it just does nothing when I try to (in the black popup, or in the full dialog)

Is there any way to just get the default IBM firmware/access connections stuff back on this? System recovery or something?
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What model is the IBM Laptop, T41 or newer? Check for a switch on the front of the physical laptop to power on the wireless radio.
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Also when it doubt, visit the manufacturers website and update the wireless drivers.
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I am a fool. The DNS server's IP was set statically somehow, and therefore that's why no websites were resolving (and a software update did work). Thanks all for your help.
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Ah, as a tech support gal, I do love static IPs. So simple...no reinstalling drivers or lengthy scans.
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