Help me find tools to organize and run an online pnp RPG game.
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I am interested in setting up a D&D game with old friends using the magic of the internet, what tools do I need?

I have the players, but they are all over the place. What are some good tools to play a pen-and-paper RPG online? All of the players have computers, headsets, and mics. Interested especially in things where, perhaps, the GM can input info (maps, encounters, etc) and the players get output. Hell, maybe they can even interact. Software, advice, etc. - all welcome.
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You could always make a Neverwinter Nights module...
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some resources.

also, vent.
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Best answer: If everyone has a PC, I would highly recommend Fantasy Grounds. Combine with vent/teamspeak/skype and you have yourself a pretty sweet setup.
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This may not help you NOW, but apparently a big part of the forthcoming D&D 4th edition is some sort of comprehensive toolset for making online GM-ing a lot easier. It'll be out in spring of next year, but details are still scarce.
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I haven't used it, but there's OpenRPG which is program for playing real-time RPG games over the internet. Should be what you're looking for.
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In the past, my friends and I have used IRC and a homemade web-based battlemat system. The games aren't all that compelling, compared to in-person rpgs, but maybe they'd be better with voice.

As far as voice chat goes, Google Talk is the best mechanism I found for one-on-one talks. I don't have much experience with group voice chats, but I've used vent, mentioned above, which is popular and seems decent.

I'd recommend using all of the following:

- A group voice chat system (for most communication)
- An irc channel, with a dice-rolling bot (for anything statistical / technical, and for private messages to/from the DM)
- A mechanism for sharing character sheet information (generally only with the DM). We used a homemade webapp, but simple html pages that you update on the fly would work.
- A battlemap system of some kind -- could even be as simple as a group whiteboard (for tactical combat). See Skrbl, although I haven't really tried it.

As mentioned D&D 4.0 may well take care of the last item when it comes out next year.

On preview, it sounds like there are some more polished solutions out there -- I'd certainly recommend a single comprehensive solution if there's one available.
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I second Neverwinter Nights. You can buy it el cheapo via amazon for all your friends ... and it is GREAT fun!
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