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I've just really discovered digital photography, and for landscapes I would like to know how I might get forecasts of types of clouds in my area (like cirrus, cumulus, etc.) Every now and then, I see a reference in the average weather forecast, but it would be kinda nice to know daily. (Particularly about the places I prefer to take pictures, that is, Maine and Venice, Italy.) Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!!
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For the US, NOAA is the place to go for weather. I also like Not sure about Italy.

I take a lot of pictures of clouds. You'll be able to capture more of them if you learn to forecast a bit on your own, rather than just checking other people's forecasts. A small weather station like this or this would help, but I find that if I'm taking pictures someplace that I spend a lot of time, if I just pay attention to the weather over time I get a pretty good sense of what the general weather is like and what the little signals are that weird weather's approaching (weather stations have definitely helped me to know when keep my eyes and ears open a little more, though).

The following have also been useful:
- The Cloudspotter's Guide
- Audubon Field Guide to North American Weather
- And either a pilot's or sailor's guide to weather (they take a very practical approach)
- There are also a few groups on flickr that focus on weather and/or clouds
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