Designing a restless heart tattoo
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Trying to design a tattoo symbolizing a restless heart for my forearm, preferably one that will be only black (or contain just a small amount of color). Hit me with ideas, hive mind.
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A heart with legs travelling down a road.
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Akan symbols lend themselves to tattooing. Here is a list.
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An anatomical heart tied by its arteries to a pole as a bindle.

A heart-shaped suitcase, with room to add stickers with the names of important places/people you've left behind.
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Might be far too cutesy, but you could anthropomorphize the heart and give it a restless expression.
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maybe integrating a heart with a compass?
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I'm wondering if there is a symbol for perpetual motion or something you could incorporate... or something to do with fractals?

Maybe something simple and typographic? The word "restless" rendered really nicely inside of a heart shape?
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delurking to say:

it may be trite and the imagery might be a bit to obvious, but i have a greyscale image of a heart with wings and a banner that says "wild at heart" in latin.
posted by rinosaur at 5:26 PM on August 26, 2007 want a permanent symbol of restlessness? I assume you've thought this through and all, but if your heart ever is stuck somewhere permanently, so is your tattoo (sorta). :-)

That being said, perhaps the iconic image of the fool with the bag tied to a stick (um, is there a word for that thing?), except instead of a bag, it's a heart.
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Deathalicious: it's called a bindle
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Oh DAMN. Still, what's a bindle without its fool?
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This sounds like a job for Mitch O'Connell.
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how about something a little more oblique, like a symbol of mutability, travel, or constant change?

some examples:
water: a water wheel, a wave, a ship
a shark (has to keep swimming or else it dies)
the hobo symbol for "good road to follow" (the scandinavian o with the slash through it)
just about any symbol of nomadism
a sextant or compass
the moon (esp. a tarot card--means "inconstancy")
a knight errant or wandering minstrel
a portrait of eros
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I recommend against the Moon tarot card, btw-- carries other darker meanings that you may not want to wear on your sleeve.

I think something themed around a weathervane would be perfect. Doesn't need to actually have a heart in it anywhere for the meaning to stick.
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