How to deodorize a second-hand book?
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How to deodorize a smelly second-hand book?

Got a second-hand book yesterday. It's in great condition throughout, although the previous owner was clearly a smoker. Even with the book just nearby me on the desk as I type this, I get the whiff of stale smoke. It's obviously worse when I open and read it.

It's 600 pages and I'm only just got past page 100. So is there a way to deodorize a book?
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Pour a good few drops of lavender oil onto a paper towel, then place the book and the soaked paper towel in a large clippy bag. Seal the bag. Place in a dark cupboard for 3 days to a week. Unseal the bag, then air the book so you aren't knocked out by lavender fumes every time you open it (a day sitting in an airy room will do it).
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What has always worked for me was to put the books into a large plastic garbage bag with a large amount of crumpled up newspapers. Seal the bag and leave it sit for a while. I don't have a timeline because I haven't been in a rush to read the books, but it has always been a month or more. The newspapers absorb the odors and leave the book better than when it went in.
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See also the suggestions here & here.
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