What are the best delicious-if-you-can-only-get-past-the-godawful-stink foods?
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What are the best delicious-if-you-can-only-get-past-the-godawful-stink foods?

I'm congenitally anosmic. Doesn't really bug me, but due to a recent discussion with a friend I'm curious to try a bunch of foods that smell awful but taste really good if you can get past the stink, because I won't have that problem. Cheeses, meats, vegetables raw and cooked, fruits, fermented foods of every stripe, drinks (?), baked goods (?) -- give me all you got. The more fully described, the better.

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Also, sursstromming.
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Jackfruit smells a little like rotting onions but tastes incredibly good.
Durian smells like onions, compost, and a corpse that has been left in the sun for a month but tastes better than jackfruit.
Some people dislike the smell of kimchi, I like how it smells. If you dig through a heap of cabbage kimchi to find the thick white parts, they're delicious grilled.
I like all the smelly cheeses so I'm useless on that front.
Tripe can smell to some people, tripe napolitana is one of my favorite dishes.
Nobody likes the smell of fish sauce, Thai and Vietnamese cooking wouldn't be as compelling without it.
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Oh, and a caveat:
I have eaten durian, despite the smell, and it is delicious. The smell is actually kind of good now, but when I first smelled it, I seriously almost threw up.
Surstromming (only one s in the middle, d'oh!) I haven't tried, and can't vouch for the taste of, but I do know that it smells horrible. (it's basically rotten fish)
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As well as fish sauce, there is shrimp paste which somehow smells worse. Although you don't eat that except as an additive to other foods so maybe it's not such a good answer.

Some people like natto. It is a brown mass of horrid fermented soybeans which forms disturbing stringy filaments when you stir it, and smells like hundreds of mouldy towels. I don't personally consider it delicious, but some people do (mostly Japanese people who have been eating it all their lives). Asian groceries sometimes have it.
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Devil's stinkhorn. Never tried personally but apparently it's delicious.
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Don't forget Stinky Tofu. Fish sauce and fermented shrimp paste has made some people gag. Also variants of those sauces such as, home made herbal garum falls into that stink category. Friend almost threw up when he got a whiff of my attempt at ancient Roman garum with herbs. He needed to be taken out doors to recover as I sprinkled it on a nice patina.
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Fermented shrimp paste: Smells like menstrual blood, tastes like cheese left in the sun. Or was it the other way around? In Vietnam, prepared as a sauce with dog meat. Bllarrrrgh.

Natto: A Thousand Baited Hooks has it right. It tastes pretty nice but the booger-strings will get you everytime. For cognitive dissonance between exceptional deliciousness and least appealing smell/looks, stir with avocado and serve with rice. Looks like diaper fillings over pinworms, tastes like bizarr-o Asian guacamole.
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Well-ripened Taleggio.
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blue cheese! mmm. stinky is good.
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Some people like natto. It is a brown mass of horrid fermented soybeans which forms disturbing stringy filaments when you stir it, and smells like hundreds of mouldy towels. I don't personally consider it delicious, but some people do (mostly Japanese people who have been eating it all their lives).

My son likes it. Natto does smell like rotten socks, but it tastes like...beans. Add hot mustard for flavour.
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Seconding durian. Here's description from wikipedia: This pulp is the edible part, and its consistence and flavour are indescribable. A rich custard highly flavoured with almonds gives the best general idea of it, but there are occasional wafts of flavour that call to mind cream-cheese, onion-sauce, sherry-wine, and other incongruous dishes. Then there is a rich glutinous smoothness in the pulp which nothing else possesses, but which adds to its delicacy. It is neither acid nor sweet nor juicy; yet it wants neither of these qualities, for it is in itself perfect. It produces no nausea or other bad effect, and the more you eat of it the less you feel inclined to stop. In fact, to eat Durians is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience.

Also, thousand year duck-eggs. Or hundred-year eggs. I've never been able to get past the smell to actually eat one, but I'm told it's delicious. Along with tripe, go for the blood sausage. I find that goat has a smell I don't like, but I enjoy the taste.

Bon Apetit
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Fermented shark.
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Limburger cheese!
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Yup, natto. Though the taste can be acquired, few people who weren't raised eating it can get close enough to try. It's definitely a treat for the senses asside from being tasty and smelling like a ripe thong they look like something you'd find in an old smoker's handkerchief. Makes a great healthy breakfast over rice, the smell really wakes you up.

I would also submit Beard Papa. They taste just like cream puffs, but the stores reek for a distance of about half a block of this unpleasant raw egg smell.
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Balachaung (also 'belacan'). You could smell this across the street when my grandmother was making a batch.
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Man, this is far more boring than durian or any of these other neat foods, but sauerkraut smells like fermented, overly-boiled death to me. Most everyone I have met finds it delicious, but I can't get past the smell enough to eat it.
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I've opened the refrigerator with an unopened jar of kimchi in it, 5sec later my roomate (in the other room) asked if someone shit their pants.
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I allways found the smell of mincemeat (pie) horrible. My dad loved the stuff.. I dreaded the two or three times a year when my mom would cook it.
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If you're British, Marmite. If you're American, disregard this.
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Melted romano cheese smells distinctly of vomit, but it tastes soooooooooo good on stuffed peppers, baked eggplant, pizza, pasta dishes, focaccia sandwiches, etc.
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Stinking Bishop cheese was briefly popularized by the Wallace & Grommit movie.
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I like the smell of kimchi.

The smell of limburger is as hard to get off your hands as cat shit, and it tastes like it smells. Repulsive.
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Salt rising bread is a sourdough-like bread with a particularly sharp, ammoniacal smell - think soiled diapers. Despite the smell, SRB makes a fantastic sandwich. Toasting it produces an, um, interesting aroma.
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Epoisses is absolutely the most delicious cheese I have ever eaten, but I was warned not to smell it before trying it the first time. It is the quintessential smelly gymsock of french cheeses, and it is fantastically wonderful!!!
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delicious gorganzola cheese.
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Kimchi. Get it spicy, and your eyes will water in delight.

Blue cheese and goat cheese. They stink up the house, but they are so worth eating.

Stinky Tofu! You can smell it a mile away and think something's died in the sun. But it tastes nothing like its smell - in fact, it tastes like, duh, tofu - and it's great with chili sauce and soy sauce. Get the deep-fried version. They're kind of hard to find in the US, though, for obvious reasons...
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3rding stinky tofu, mmm
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Petai beans - I once bought some out of curiousity, but I threw them away halfway from the supermarket. Back home, I decided to also throw away my backpack.
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I once picked up a durian from a chinese supermarket in london before catching the train back to Scotland. It was tripple bagged, but some of the smell still leaked out of my rucksack. My girlfriend's first thought when she met me off the train (open air platform) was "Gosh, he hasn't washed for a few days, has he!". Delicious. And the texture is really interesting as well, so if you have no sense of smell, then it'll still be a rewarding thing to eat.
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Blue stilton.
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Don't ask.
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Combine any stinky cheese with liverwurst (preferably a garlic one), spread thickly on bread and grill. Good god, it'll strip the lining from your nose but it tastes so good.
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Asafoetida is supposed to be amazing. I'm just buying it as catfish bait though....but I'll probably eat some.
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I dispute the claim that durian tastes good. But it sure does stink.
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Blue cheese is nothing. Try any ripe washed rind cheese. The runnier the better. Smells like feet. Tastes great!
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