Awesome bridal shower location in NY
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Where can we host a bridal shower in New York City?

Every place I can find charges $800+. Are there any nice, clean, pretty private rooms that we can rent for significantly less? We have about 30 ladies attending. Thanks!
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What kind of place are you looking for? A hotel, a restaurant, some sort of meeting/conference location? What time of day?

I think that as soon as restaurants/hotels/event planners hear 'wedding', everything suddenly costs exponentially more than if it were, say, a regular luncheon.

What about a lunch in Chinatown? The Peking Duck House on Mott St. is very nice and isn't crazy expensive. In fact, we did our rehearsal dinner there for our wedding. What breakfast/brunch at someplace like Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place? They have a nice upstairs area that could seat 30 easily. You could try going for tea at one of the upscale hotels in midtown, or someplace like Takashimaya on 5th. There is also the Petrie Courte Cafe at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I believe there is also still a nice The Campbell Apartment or Metrazur are both on the balcony at Grand Central Terminal. Very, VERY cool place to hang out.

If you're not adverse to traveling a little bit, there are *plenty* of places in Hoboken that could accommodate a party of 30. Amanda's on Washington St is beautiful and the food rocks. It's also not that far a walk from the PATH, and I *think* they may participate in a municipal parking program.
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D'oh. I missed some editing in that last post. Too late to think and type simultaneously.

Another thought - what about someplace like Churrascaria Plataforma on 49th/8th? You could just do the salad bar and wine instead of the full on meatapalooza. It's centrally located, there's a parking garage two doors down, the place is really pretty and one final word. Caipharinas.
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Yes, can you provide more parameters? Can it be in any of the boroughs? Do you need food and drinks provided by the site, or are you just looking for a room?

I can only speak for Manhattan, but if you're looking for good in-house food and drinks plus a pretty space, your budget sounds a bit low. $800 for 30 people comes out to about $26/a head.
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