Any cameras that charge and transfer data via mini-USB?
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Are there any digital cameras that can use a standard mini-USB port for transferring data AND charging the battery?

After busting my brand new Casio Exilim EX-Z1050, I am now back in the market for a digital camera. It was a good camera but I didn't like that it used an obscure mini-USB connection (not the standard mini-USB). Also, it required me to remove the battery and place it in a separate changing station to charge it.

Other things about the camera which I would like to have include a small form factor, large viewing screen (for a small camera), and video capabilities.
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I haven't seen a camera worth spending money on that charges via USB. You can avoid the USB cable altogether if you pop the memory card out of the camera and use a card reader to access the pictures. Also, buying a second battery allows you to use the camera while the other battery is charging.
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A similar question was asked before, go figure.

Which digital camera has these three characteristics?
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My camera, a HP photosmart, came with a dock that it can charge from and connect up to the computer with. The dock also had a space to charge up a second battery (which came with the camera).

Plus, my laptop had an SDmedia slot, so if I didn't want to use the dock, I could pop the card out and use THAT instead.

Frankly, I love my camera. It's a little piece of joy.
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well, I guess most cameraphones meet your criteria.
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