Yet another "what's this movie" question
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There's a western from probably the mid to early 70's. I don't remember much except that the main cowboy character ate entire raw onions as a way to prove how badass he was. There was also a scene where he was stuck in the desert with some woman I think. Does anyone know what movie this was?
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Haven't seen it, but could it be "Cry Onion"? It's a movie from 1975 or 1976 and seems to at least fit the first part of your description. It has a couple of alternative titles, like "Cipolla Colt".
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Is it The Villain?
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I'd second Cry Onion. Franco Nero is a farmer who eats onions and vanquishes his enemies with his breath.
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Response by poster: The imdb review of Cipolla Colt makes it sound pretty wacky, but I remembered as being a pretty serious movie. But then again...from the imdb review "Nero eating onions like apples!" I distinctly remember a scene where the guy went into a bar or something, grabbed an onion, and took a big bite out of it like it was an apple. I'll go check it out. Thanks hive mind!
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