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best broadband option in brooklyn, *without* bundled cable subscription or phone line?

this question has been asked, but not about brooklyn, so thanks for the advice: i don't want cable service (but have a coaxial coming out of the wall) and don't want a phone line, but want high speed internet to connect to wireless router. bonus points if said company is a little more independent than a major ISP.
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sorry, also i've heard good things about Speakeasy DSL, anyone have any experience with them in brooklyn?
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I have no idea how to get DSL without a phone line, but my friend in Brooklyn swears by his neighbor's open WiFi.
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Earthlink's naked DSL?
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Try Googling "wireless broadband" - ie broadband without cable or DSL. Believe Wireless offers this service in Baltimore -- there must be similar companies in Brooklyn.
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Speakeasy offers naked DSL (don't know about Brooklyn), and I loved them in the past. Best Buy just bought them however, and all the Speakeasy customers are very nervous about it.

NXCONN offers wireless access in Brooklyn.

Here is a list of providers in the 11220 zipcode, look for naked DSL. Also, call your cable companies, some don't force you to bundle.

Be aware that you pay a price premium for naked DSL over shared DSL.
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