Where can one buy an archaeology trowel and calipers in London?
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Archaeologyfilter: Where can one buy an archaeologist's trowel and calipers in London?

My friend is off on a dig in the Sudan and has been told to bring her own archaeologist's trowel and calipers. However, she doesn't have much time before she has to leave, so she'd rather not order off the internet. Is there a physical store somewhere in London that sells WHS trowels and tools of archaeologists' trade? Preferably central or northern London, or least on a tube line. Thanks in advance for any help!
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As you've probably discovered Google has nothing (so far as I could find) for archaeological suppliers, equipment or outfitters in London. I guess you could try a standard builder's merchant...

I know this isn't what you're looking for but hear me out*. Get a Trowel was setup for just your difficulty - finding archaeological supplies.

*They do special delivery for £4 so it would almost certainly reach you in time - but I'd phone them first to make sure they're expecting your order.

I'd lend your friend my 30 year old WHS trowel if I lived in London!
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when I went on digs as a student, we used small masons trowels, which worked nicely for fine excavation.
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Here in the States, we usually go to a big hardware/lumber store like Home Depot or Lowes (which of course you almost certainly dont have over there - just mentioned as an example) and pick up either a Marshall Towne or Goldblatt trowel. As Good Brain mentioned above, any decent masons trowel is usually sufficient.

As for calipers, you could try a store that sells stuff like surveyors or mining supplies. Other than that, we use places like Forestry Suppliers (again an example) for stuff like that. There must be something similar over there across the water.
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Big specialised tool shop in London: Buck & Ryan
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