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Is there a company (besides Kinkos) that can send me a print out of a PDF that I have?

Is there a company (besides Kinkos) that can send me a print out of a PDF that I have?

I have a document that I want to print. It is over 400 pages, and I do not want to use my paper or ink for this. Is there a Web 2.0 company that can print this and mail it to me besides Kinkos? I would hate to waste my money on them if there is a Web 2.0 alternative...
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*initial thoughts: "Print a PDF? I'll do it for a dollar."*

*upon reading more inside: "Hmm.. 400 pages... too bad printfu's down."*

Now, seriously, why not go to a local print shop (other than Kinkos) with a CDR or a thumbdrive and ask them to print the PDF? Wouldn't the cost of mailing 400 pages cancel out the savings?
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I don't quite understand why Kinko's is out - they even have a Web 2.0ish function (I think - maybe I don't get what Web 2.0 is, still). Go to their website, register, and then you can upload your .pdf and they'll print it. You can either pick it up from your local store, or they can probably deliver it, though of course that will cost extra. As will having it delivered by whatever Web 2.0ish company you might otherwise choose.
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Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot all will let you upload your document online and pick it up or ship it to you. I've had better experiences with both Staples and Office Max than I have had with Office Depot, but all three are perfectly serviceable and cheaper, in my experience, than Kinko's. I don't know that they're all Web 2.0 and stuff, but they will get the job done.

(We print scripts and cold readings and all sort of other theater-y stuff w/ Staples and Office Max, and never a problem. I think I had three copies of a 75 page script printed for less than $20.00 in the last couple weeks.)
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Looks ilke printfu is down.

It's ugly as heck, but it looks like Printing Seattle lets you submit documents online for printing and it's in the Seattle area, so you might even be able to pick it up (not sure how far you are from there).
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Oh, and in the UK this would be as simple as scoping out the thesis printing companies and choosing the cheapest one. Tragically, it seems that they aren't as common in the States. Not sure why.
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(Last time I used Kinko's thing it was very web1.0 - no gradients, social networks, or speech-bubbles to be seen. Just your typical "upload a file and we'll print it" thing. Not sure what 2.0ishness you're looking for, enriquem.)

You say you don't want PoD, but Lulu might still do what you want.
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Mimeo will do this for you, and even mail it to you overnight.
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seconding Lulu. Boss printed out a 300 page OS X Tiger Server Admin PDF, had it bound and it turned out very good. I think it was pretty cheap too.
8 1/2x 11 perfect bound, black and white, 300 pages 1 copy= $10.50
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