Tetanus shots in Chicago?
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I need to get a tetanus shot as soon as possible, hopefully for as cheap as possible, and in Chicago. Where should I go?

I'm starting grad school full time in September, and I apparently need to prove I've had all my immunizations, including a tetanus shot. I'm fine on everything except for the tetanus. I'd rather not go to my doctor's office just for the one shot unless that's the easiest answer. Is there a clinic I can go to for the shot and to get a form signed proving that I've had it done?
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University of Chicago Travel Health Clinic wants $78 for diptheria/tetanus/pertussis, or $52 for just diptheria/tetanus. Make an appointment (or find out if you can walk in!) at (773) 702-6119.
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Best answer: Surely you could get it cheaper than that at the local health department.

For example [.pdf]:
West Town Neighborhood Health Center
2418 W. Division
(312) 744-0943
($10/tetanus shot)
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Best answer: seconding local health center
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Where in Chicago are you? Near North Side: Seton Family Health Clinic, 1700 W. North Avenue. Easy to make appointments, diverse medical staff, seldom have to wait. 312-337-1982.
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Response by poster: I ended up going to the Uptown Heath Center listed on the pdf Violet Hour linked to. The shot was $20, and other than the usual paperwork and running around malarky typical at a city health center, the process went pretty well and took maybe an hour. It was also a walk-in place, so I didn't have to worry about scheduling an appointment. Thanks, guys!
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