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Looking for customizable & free Wordpress (or other) hosting

I've finally decided to restart my blog and have chosen Wordpress, given its pages facility and skinning.

I didn't find most themes at very inviting and among the ones I did, there was at least some minor quirk. Now, it costs $15 annually to avail of 'Custom CSS' there and I'm just not ready to spend any money yet. So, I'm looking for either

1)free Wordpress hosting with ability to put up own skins and tweak the CSS
2)free webspace, where I can install Wordpress

I've searched this past week and can't seem to pin down this information. I don't require much storage (~50M) or much bandwidth, no MU capability. A subdomain would be nice. Lack of ads would be nice, but not required, as long as they don't scream or pop-up.

Also, if there's a free host with another blogging engine spotting similar features to Wordpress, I'd consider it, but no Blogger.

Finally, if there's a credible, updated directory or comparison of bloghosts and/or webspace, that would be helpful too.
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I can do #1 and #2 for you on a reliable host (networkredux) - drop me an e-mail.
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I had this problem with K2 as well. They've set the content area to a static width, so you have to figure out how to make it fluid again. I think there's a wiki or forum bit about it over at the K2 site, explaining why they went to static width. I was able to solve my issue by just increasing the width of the content area to about 200 px more, but I know that's not ideal. I'm hoping that if you figure something out, you'll report back here.
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