Taming of the Who?
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Help me find some good movies in which the protagonist is an angry bitch-on-wheels, who eventually sweetens up by film's end.

Hey there-- I'm looking for recommendations of films (preferably dramas or romantic comedies) where the main character's key flaw is her anger. Something in the vein of Beatrice in "Much Ado about Nothing" or Kate in "Taming of the Shrew" (or, by proxy, "10 Things I Hate about You.") Only interested in angry women leads, here.

Bonus points for romantic films where the lead male is somehow responsible for her working through her anger/bad temper issues.
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The first to come to mind stars Christina Ricci: The Opposite of Sex. I'll try to think of some others.
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Frankie and Johnny comes to mind. I'll keep thinking of others.
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Corky (Gina Gershon) in Bound.
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Oh, seconding The Opposite of Sex - great movie!
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The Upside of Anger, duh.
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Kill Bill? Pride and Prejudice?
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"Kill Bill". Hard to get much angrier than the Blood-Spattered Bride. Except for "romantic", it fits. :)
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Overboard, with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Underrated comedy.
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What about The Philadelphia Story?
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The Hudsucker Proxy (kind of)
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Rose McGowan plays a scowling teenage outrageous bitch in Gregg Araki's The Doom Generation, but the movie is gonzo cinema: It's violent like a cartoon (severed heads talk, is what I'm saying) but also like a movie, where some of the visceral quality is unavoidably not cartoonish. Just a warning, in case you hate that kind of thing.
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La Femme Nikita
Mr & Mrs. Smith
Thelma and Louise (TWO bitches on wheels!)
Far and Away
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Maid Marian, as played by Audrey Hepburn in Robin and Marian and by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, goes through pretty much the arc you describe. Mastrantonio also portrays this arc in The Abyss, as does Bonnie Bedelia in the first Die Hard, though these movies aren't led by the women or by that plot.

Still thinking.
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rhizome: reese witherspoon is anything but mellowed out at the end of "freeway"...
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The greatest bitch transformation is in the original 1974 Italian Swept Away. Stay far away from the Madonna fiasco.
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The Long Kiss Goodnight, though I think it might be the mirror image of what you're looking for. Sort of. She starts off sweet, becomes a 'bitch-on-wheels' as you put it, and then kind of mellows again.
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In theaters now: No Reservations.
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Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.
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There's a Taming of the Shrew BBC remake from 2005 set in modern England with incomprarable casting and dialogue... Shirley Henderson as Katharine and Rufus Sewell as Petruchio. It's marvelous, marvelous, marvelous even if you have no interest in Shakespeare *at all*.
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High Society is a musical version of The Philadelphia Story mentioned above. It is much less nuanced, but much more Satchmoed.

Kiss Me, Kate is a musical version of Taming of the Shrew, sort of.

His Girl Friday is not a musical, but Rosalind Russell's character does have some uptightness issues. More vaguely justified than pure bitchiness, but it's a good movie.
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I used to have quite the crush on Moira Kelly after seeing The Cutting Edge, which is pretty much the Taming of the Shrew on ice. Her character's name is even Kate.
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This previous question will have much of this exact thing, with some TV and such mixed in with the movies.

And might I highlight in particular: The Cutting Edge.
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Point of No Return (American remake of La Femme Nikita)
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No Reservations is a remake of Bella (released as Mostly in the States) Martha. I haven't seen the new version, but how one could find Aaron Eckhart credible as warm and sensual is beyond me--he was also miscast in Possession.
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