Unidentified Furniture Object: Huge reclining chaise. Help!
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Help me find this currently-in-stores chaise recliner online!

Visited a sort-of-local Rooms To Go today, and saw a huge chaise that reclines. Asked the attendant who made it, but she had no idea, so I'm hoping someone here can help me find a listing online--it doesn't appear at the roomstogo.com website, but somebody has to make it.

Here are some helpful details: It is a reclining chaise; it has a push-button release to control the recline. A motorized version is available. It's almost a futon turned sideways, it's so huge. Two adults fit on it with room to spare. There is no cushion shaping beyond a squaring pattern. It costs $749.99 and is part of a set (but can be purchased separately, and was on display alone.) We saw it in a darkish brown but the saleslady said an olive version is also available...both fabric, no leather. No indication this is a discontinued item. Help!
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Are you thinking of a chair-and-a-half? I have one, but can't remember what brand it is. They are very comfortable. Here is the one I have. Took me a minute to find the tags.
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There is no cushion shaping beyond a squaring pattern.

I don't know what you mean by that - could you elaborate?

This one is called Catnapper by Jackson Furniture Ind and it comes in Hazelnut or Sage, which *could* be brown and olive, I guess. Was the one you were looking at in two pieces like this or one? Also, any new piece of furniture in a furniture store has identifying information on it if you turn it upside down - a label, a stamp, a tag...something. I know you said it was only sort of local, but if you have a chance to go back you could sneak a peak at the underside of the chaise.
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To respond: The entire chair is a square pattern, like some futon covers, with no other markings. There are no arms, and it is in one piece. (In other words, it doesn't look like a recliner, it looks like an armless chaise.)

It reclines not by putting the legs up but by lowering the back, and it ends up almost horizontal.

I hope to arrange a return trip, but I also hope someone here can help. Thanks!
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Sorry to double post, but I think I may have stumbled upon an odd listing of the twin brother of the chaise in question...but the listing doesn't give a manufacturer. Or any origin information. These two links show the chaise at the right:



The prices for the single chaise and set match what we saw. However, the color is wrong (according to the saleslady) and the design where your legs go is subtly different. Maybe a different model?
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This sounds close. I remember seeing it at Cost Plus World Mkt.
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