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Photographers: know an artist with sublime fine original prints of landscape photography?

Preferably b/white or low-key color, with little or no human habitation in the photos, somewhat minimalist.
A few artists I enjoy are Chris Honeysett, Youngbok Park, but would like to find more. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Ansel Adams?
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Atlanta photographer Reid Stott (aka Photodude) offers stunning archival quality prints of Antelope Canyon, one of the Southwest's most reknowned "slot canyons." And you might find other scenes you like in his many other series, too. His print prices are very reasonable, and his service is prompt.

His color work is generally richly saturated; however, he does offer a limited amount of grey scale work, and some of his Yosemite landscapes may have the low range tonal values you admire.
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Hiroshi Sugimoto's seascapes might be unexpectedly perfect for you.

here is his wikipedia entry, a few indoor prints and these are the seascapes.

there is a flickr group called seascapes after sugimoto. not necessarily that good but in the right spirit.
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The two photographers you mentioned, Chris Honeysett and Youngbok Park do very nice work.

In terms of the minimalism I second Hiroshi Sugimoto's seascapes and would add Tokohiro Sato's long exposure photos of lights in landscapes.
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Though he sometimes does some saturated color, Ian Whitehead is worth looking into. He's specializes in landscape in the Arizona desert and does a breath taking job of it.

He's also very accessible and I've had the pleasure of being able to discuss his work with him via email.
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I'm a landscape painter. Pavel Banka is the photographer that shoots like a painter.
You may need to google to find more of him.
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Thanks to all for the great links.
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Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir has some amazing long-exposure landscape shots of her native Iceland.
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