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Can someone offer more information about this episode of "Dexter's Laboratory?"

I am trying to locate information about an episode of the cartoon "Dexter's Laboratory." The episode is narrated by a small child who speaks in hyperbole, and the animators draw the cartoon accordingly. For instance, the child says "Mandark's head got as big as . . . as big as the world!" And then this happens on screen.

This is abstract, I know. I need to find episode for educational purposes. Can anyone help?
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Here's the IMDB entry for the episode in question, which was part of Season 2 for the series. The segment you're looking for is "Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!" and was written by 7-year-old Tyler Samuel Lee.
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This questions has filled me with a massive desire to see this episode again just so I can show my girlfriend where "And, and, and you are stewwwpid" entered my vocabulary. I hope someone can find a link to this episode.
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Thank you, thank you all for introducing me to this!! That was hysterical.
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I forgot about that one, thanks ThFullEffect.
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Thank you! That is indeed the episode for which I was searching. My students will love it (incidentally, I teach public speaking and plan to show the short as part of a lecture on rhetorical logic and solid narrative structure using transitions).
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A little more information on the episode (Source):

Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!

When a six-year-old boy sent in an episode idea on audio cassette, complete with voices (he did a pretty good Dexter, and his Mandark wasn't too shabby either), the show's producers decided to animate a story directly from the tape (complete with animation done as if a six-year-old did it all) about Dexter and "Mandark's sister Computress" teaming up to make Mandark's head shrink

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The above link no longer works! Can someone provide a link to the episode?
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