Wealthiest areas in Washington state?
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Which are the top five wealthiest neighborhoods in Seattle or top five wealthiest cities in Washington?

Hi, I'm trying to plan a business and it would need a wealthy clientel to support it. So, I thought I'd start by following the money trail. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Your wealthiest neighborhoods in the Seattle area aren't going to be in Seattle, but in the Eastside suburbs, i.e., Clyde Hill, Yarrow Point, Hunts Point, Mercer Island, and Medina. Bill Gates, for example, lives in Medina.
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Looking at the zip code list that Diddly posted, the top 5 that are actually inside Seattle are in these neighborhoods:
  1. Highlands (98177)
  2. Broadmoor (98122)
  3. Magnolia (98199)
  4. Ravenna / Wedgwood (98115)
  5. Fauntleroy (98136)

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Also consider Woodway in Snohomish County. It borders King County
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Just go over to Bellevue and wander around in a progressively larger circle.
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thank you everybody!
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