Oh Woolrich why have you stopped making my shorts?
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I need some new men's cargo shorts. I used to get these Woolrich shorts, except they had a drawstring. I want the drawstring. I need the drawstring. I love the drawstring. I also want a short inseam (6"). Long shorts that come to my knees make me feel like I'm 5 years old. Tried LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy, REI, Land's End, Gap, and J Crew, but it all ended in sadness and despair. Ask Metafilter, please show me that there is still sunshine in this world.
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Aaand that link didn't work. They're the "Men's Trek Shorts" at woolrich.com.
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Gramicci makes some drawstring shorts. A lot of their closeouts appear at Sierra Trading Post. (I'm not a shill for these stores.)
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I'm not well-versed in the ways of drawstring - is the drawstring on the inside or the outside? Wolverine makes plainish shorts and there's always Army/Navy surplus, which to me look like cargoes. Do either of those strike your drawstring-loving fancy?

Another thought - buy cargo drawstring pants that you like and then hem them?
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I have some Columbia shorts that are shorter than my other, more popular knee-length shorts. These don't have a drawstring, but they make make some of this length and with a drawstring. The inseam is about 10 inches, not the 6 you are looking for. You will probably have a hard time finding 6 inch inseam shorts, because of the technical issue mentioned above: they are "super dorky." Maybe running shorts would be this short.

Ignore your bad childhood memories of over-sized hand-me-downs, and get some decent length shorts. You don't have to look like a skater. And do check out the Columbia brand, they are less baggy and very comfortable.
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The Deej: I think you're thinking of outseam, which is from beltline to bottom of leg. Inseam is from crotch to bottom of leg. This is a pic of my current shorts which, optimally, I would be replacing with the exact same shorts. I just don't want them to go over my knee and, being short (5' 2"), that limits the selection. No, I would normally not being wearing my shirt tucked in, but I thought I'd spare you my tummy.

iconomy: My current shorts have the drawstring on the inside, which one ties in a bow and can easily tighten or loosen depending how much ice cream one has had on that particular day. A drawstring that ties on the outside would be okay too, though.
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Try Cabela's.
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The Deej: I think you're thinking of outseam, which is from beltline to bottom of leg. Inseam is from crotch to bottom of leg.

Yep mine are indeed 10 inch inseam. A 10 inch outseam would be like a Speedo on me! :) And no one wants to see that!

I'm 5' 10". The ones with the 10 inch inseam fit me just about like the ones in your picture fit you. My Aeropostale shorts are probably 12 to 14 inch inseams.

Are you saying the ones in the last photo you posted are 6 inch inseams? Then for your height, that is not too short. I wouldn't think you'd have a hard time finding shorts of that length, but the drawstring part might be tricky. I think it's going to require a lot of foot-work, because online searches for "drawstring shorts" tend to turn up athletic shorts with only a drawstring, and you want the ones with a drawstring plus the zipper. So... off to the mall! The tennybopper stores shorts will probably be too long, but try the department stores. You might even find Woolrich shorts in stock that the website doesn't have. Good luck!
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Can you buy these Land's End cargoes and take them up? Also, there's a North Face short that's pretty similar. The model is Meridian, pics here and here. A last resort, if you're determined to only have that exact style, would be to take it to a tailor and have them duplicate the pattern. Then you could roll in your fav shorts for years to come in any color or fabric you like.
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Yup, the ones I'm wearing in the photo are 6" inseam. The mall, huh? Now I'm even sadder.
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Try Campmor.
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Yup, the ones I'm wearing in the photo are 6" inseam. The mall, huh? Now I'm even sadder.

Oh, c'mon, the mall is great! consume It's fun! join us Lot's of nice folks to help you out. be one of the cool kids Plenty of selection. spend I think you'll like it!
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Territory Ahead has some shorts with drawstrings and 6" inseams.
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I was just in Target today, and they had Mossimo labeled, distressed cargo shorts with a fly and drawstring. They didn't look super-long in the inseam, but it's hard to tell without trying on. Might be worth a shot. Since you are going to the mall anyway. :)
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I shall try, The Deej. I shall try.

Those Army/Navy ones on Amazon were real close, but too long, I think.
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