"On a PC" joke music video - where to find it now?
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Several years ago on a (UK) computing magazine there was a music video by one of their columnists. I think it's called "On a PC". Any ideas if any copies still exist?

I can't remember what magazine I saw this in, but I think I subscribed to computer shopper and PCW at the time. For some reason I think it went along with a review of Microsoft music maker, or some other similar sounding program. The video was on the coverdisk. The columnist that had reviewed the program sang the song to the tune of something (in the navy would seem to make sense) by the village people. I can only remember the lyrics "On a PC, so much better than a Mac!" and "you can [something I can't remember]". Thanks for any help folk! :)
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Rings no bells with me, and I spent several years working in computer journalism. But it sounds like something David McCandless would do.
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