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I'm looking to buy a raspado in New York City. A raspado apparently not only refers to the Mexican snow cone sold in the lower east side and in parts of Washington Heights from carts but also to the actual ice-scraping tool they use to make the snowcones. I'm looking to make mobile snowcones and these guy seem to know what they're doing.

I've tried to buy the ice scraper off the guys by my apartment but they apparently won't part with it at any price (as its the source of their livelihood, it's hard to blame them). They also don't appear to be available in any of the restaurant supply stores along Bowery. And all the usual online places are coming up empty. Any suggestions?
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Make a friend who speaks spanish.
Have them ask them where they got theirs.
Realize that they might say Mexico.
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Here's one.
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After you buy the scraper, get the cart.
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And another
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Shaved ice and sno-cone machines are available in manual, home and commercial grades, from many suppliers. In Mexico, I've had sno-cones made using nothing more than a surform file on a block of ice, the shavings being made by hand, per order, scooped in a paper cup, anointed with syrup, and presented.
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The tool is called a raspador. You can buy one here.
I made my raspados at home using a salad shooter.
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Hmmm, I always thought the shaved-ice-and-syrup treats were called piraguas...
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Thanks, Eater. That's perfect. Winging its way to me as we speak.
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And in Texas, we call the shaved-ice treats raspas
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