Where and how can I purchase WWD Accessories Fall (I'm not in the US, obviously)?
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Where and how can I purchase WWD Accessories Fall? I'm not in the US, obviously.

My jewellery came on on the Extras bit, and while I think I'll get a complementary copy eventually, I'd like a few and my friend in the States can't seem to find it anywhere. Is it available in shops, or just by subscription? (to clear it up: there was one up for auction on Ebay that was apparently bought at B&N, but my American friend tells me all B&Ns around him tell him it's only by subscription). I've tried Want It Now on Ebay, with no luck so far. What can I do? (Cheers!)
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Hi Andorinha,

I have an online WWD subscription you're more than welcome to use if that will help - you might be able to find it online? Just e-mail me in my profile's e-mail with the details and I'll see if I can find anything about your jewellery.
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Hi ukdanae! Thank you! However, I got a trial internet subscription, but can't find the Accessories Guide anywhere, it's rather annoying! It's not the A Supplement either, and the website is pretty unhelpful. :(
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bummer -- another thing you might try is getting in touch with the lovely people over at Coutorture -- they're a fashion blog network in the U.S. and could probably put out an APB to track down a copy for you. If nothing else, I'm sure they could point you in the right direction.
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Oh, thank you! Ill try that!
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The only reason I clicked on this question was to figure out what the hell "WWD Accessories Fall" is. I figured it out after a few seconds and then realized that I was probably sitting 30 feet away from what you want. Sure enough, I have the WWD Accessories Fall sitting on my desk. However, it has a "routing stamp" on the cover (i.e., a list of 10 initials of people to whom it is supposed to be circulated). However, these types of issues are not circulated. I can drop it in the mail to your friend in the States if you don't mind the stamp on the cover. E-mail is in my profile.
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