How to get someone to buy & ship something from IKEA to me?
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Where can I find someone to buy something from an IKEA store and mail it to me?

Last time I was in the Baltimore area, I stopped by an IKEA and bought a track lighting system that takes these bulbs. While they're available to view from the website, I can't order them.

Lately, a couple of the bulbs have burnt out, and try as I might, the replacement phillips bulbs from my local home improvement center (rhymes with "blows") simply don't light up in otherwise perfectly good sockets.

So, I'd really like to secure some genuine IKEA bulbs. The problem is that I'm 6+ hours from my nearest US-based IKEA store.

What I'd like is to find a place where IKEA-fites hang out, and get someone trustworthy to secure this item (and possibly others in the future) and ship it to me. I'd compensate them for the item and the shipping, of course, and a fee for their trouble.

Anyone know of a place where I could find someone to help me out?
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Post to MeFi Jobs?
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I'd do it, sure.
posted by gac at 8:56 PM on August 14, 2007

Are you absolutely sure the bulbs you bought are 12V, 20W? There's no electric reason why one of those should work and another shouldn't.
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You can order directly from Ikea via fax. Just call the store, get the product info, and have them send you the fax forms.

Of course, if gac is willing, that might be easier.
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I see a lot of people selling quantities of IKEA merch on ebay. Pick out someone with good feedback and send them an email.
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That, or maybe post a listing on Craigslist for cities that have IKEAs?
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Seconding the eBay and Craigslist ideas. If you're still looking for "Ikea-fites" -- try IkeaHacker and IkeaFans.
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I'll do it for ya
I am 20 mins from an IKEA
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There's always Want It Now on Ebay, too..
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You can buy 20W MR 16 bulbs online at a number of places. Is there a reason you want the IKEA ones? sells them .
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stereo: Yeah, I'm sure. Here was my procedure, in order:

replacement bulb in socket 1: no light
known good ikea bulb in socket 1: light

replacement bulb in known good socket 2: no light
known good idea bulb in socket 2: light.

Both bulbs are 20W 12V. I know, it's curious, but it's true.

I've already returned one set of Phillips bulbs back to the store, thinking it was a bad set. Then while I was out yesterday, drove to a different store and bought bulbs. Tried to install them last night and got the same results. Really, really annoying.

I didn't know I could place an order via fax! I'll check that out, and if that's unacceptable, gac, I'll be in touch.
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