Behind Blue (green?) eyes.
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Please give me your reccomendations for some nice-looking coloured contact lenses that are comfortable for full time wear.

For the past few months I've been debating mixing up my look with coloured contacts (my natural eye colour is dark green). I had the chance to try CIBA's Freshlook line today, and I have to say, I was incredibly dissapointed. The lens seemed much larger than my usual ones (CIBA's Day and Night extended wear lenses) and very floppy and difficult to use. It took me nearly ten minutes just to put one in, and once it was in, it wouldn't stay put- it just slid around. It didn't even do much to enhance my eyes, even though the Radiance kind proclaims that it brightens and enhances your natural colour. Mostly... it just made my vision blurry.

What I would like:
Corrective soft lenses that have opaque but natural looking colour. Easy to use, comfortable for daily wear, and preferably not "wear one day and throw away".

So, O Hive Mind- can you reccomend some contacts to me that you (or a friend) has used and liked? I'd really love to find something I can deal with every day.

(for the record, while I have a relatively strong prescription, I do not have any an astigmatism.)
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I love Acuvue 2 Colors (in green). I throw them away about every two weeks, but they rarely cause me problems, so I sometimes forget and keep them longer.

I have naturally brown eyes, but the green fools a lot of folks.
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my problem with colored contacts (albeit 6 or 7 years ago) was that they were very difficult to wear at night--my pupils would dilate beyond the edge of the color, making things blurry.

that's probably your problem--not sure if it is solvable, but research into the diameter of the pupil hole (not sure what the technical term is) may be helpful.
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