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How do we find our dream home in London from 287 miles away?

My wife and I recently moved from London to Ireland to see how we liked it there. We didn't, so we want to move back. Now we have two children (2 years old and 1 month old), so we're in rather a different situation than we came over.

We don't really have any strong opinions on where we want to live in London, but we do want this next move to be our last. But how do we find our dream home from here? Does anyone have any advice on how we can manage it?

We thought about getting a short let, but they seem very hard to find in London. Can anyone, maybe someone who had a similar experience, help?
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Best answer: Use a relocation agent. Ask the industry trade association for a referral.

Bear in mind that most won’t take you on as a private client unless you’re looking to spend upwards of £500,000 and many will be sniffy even there.

Good luck.
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Best answer: Zoomf is a new website supposed to be a super-aggregator of London real estate searches.

MoveFlat has a flat rental section that might be worth a look. Not sure how family-friendly its users are.
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Response by poster: Thanks for these! Very, very useful.
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