Suggestions for nonprofit charity giving level names
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What unique giving level names should we use to encourage higher major donations for a nonprofit animal related charity?

Many nonprofits have distinct giving levels presumably to differentiate the levels of donors to give greater benefits and recognition. Giving levels also theoretically encourage donors to upgrade to a higher level. I'm looking for clever names (or direction on how to come up with a clever name) for various giving levels of sponsorships for an animal health nonprofit charity. The organization that I work for funds veterinary research studies to improve the health of animals (cats, dogs, horses, llamas, and wildlife -- just not the so-called "food" animals).

Examples of Giving Levels: the Marine Mammal Center uses $500-999 Pinniped Protectors, $1,000-2499 Friends of Cetaceans, $2,500-4999 Threatened Species Steward, etc.

We don't want to use animal names for the different levels because it would be awkward to be a Blue Whale Level donor on a feline leukemia project. Also, we don't want to do the typical President's Circle, Director's Circle, Advocate's Club, etc...simply because they are already used so often.

Our sponsorship levels will be $3,000-$4,999, $5,000-9,999, $10,000-19,999, $20,000-$34,999, $35,00-49,999 and full sponsorship of a study. Thanks for any suggestions.
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What about using the names of notable (long-dead, unable to sue you) scientists and biologists, whose advances and discoveries made it easier for humans to understand animal life?

Carolus Linnaeus
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Gregor Mendel
John James Audubon

They're rather distinctive names, though there's no clear hierarchy, but perhaps your promotional literature can make your top-level donor's namesake seem far cooler than your bottom-level?

(And don't forget membership for students, seniors, and low-income folks!)
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On preview: Aha, mdonley beat me to it!

I was going to suggest exactly the same thing, only my list was slightly different. (I had Dian Fossey and Rachel Carson in there.)

I wasn't sure how to address the lack of hierarchy problem either, but maybe the longest-deceased person would be at the top and the most recently deceased at the bottom?

Anyway, neat question. Good luck with your naming!
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Would you consider critter-based rarity tags?
- Honeycomb
- Ambergris
- Royal Jelly
- Black Pearl
- Beluga Caviar
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You could also incorporate the scientific classification hierarchy in your names....

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Or possibly go with some other nature-related hierarchy like...

(Time) Dusk, Sunset, Twilight, Moonrise, Midnight, Dawn
(Clouds) Stratus, Nimbus, Cumulus, Cirrus, Altum
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Muir, Thoreau, Audobon, Noah
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oh, and lorax :)
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This would be a great time to interact with your constituent base. If you have a newsletter or magazine, I would suggest asking people who love your org and its cause what they want.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far! You all are certainly thinking in different directions than I have--which is exactly what I was hoping for.
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