Curious assortment of objects
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Can you cast any light on the meaning or purpose of this arrangement of objects I came across under a rail bridge? The words in chalk read "In the end no one lives".
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Yes. The Church of Drugs.
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A bum with OCD? It looks like someone sleeps there and has a table with a light source. That all the bottles are lined up doesn't have to mean anything, I do that too sometimes. And then some indigent Ecclesiastes wanted to remind us that all is vanity and a striving after wind.
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That all the bottles are lined up doesn't have to mean anything

It isn't just the bottles. The whole tableau is arranged in a symmetrical pattern, from the springy wire things at the bottom of the square slab, to the chalk arrow above the candle.

I still don't think it has to mean anything though. My money is on homeless art student.
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It's obviously a solar calendar.

No, seriously, when I look at the pictures I see nerdy teens sitting under a bridge, drinking, smoking, chatting, and idly arranging their garbage into a pleasing symmetrical pattern (along with some other detritus that was lying around).

When they're about to leave, the one kid who reads Bukowski chalks in the message as a finishing touch.
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I don't know, but the center object looks like a turntable, with the record in the middle and the needle device on the side. Perhaps someone was photographing artfully arranged found objects and comparing them to their real-world equivalents? If not, maybe you could do this anyway.
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See, here I was thinking it was someone paying homage to a dead homeless person.

He liked music, beer, whatever, and the compressed gas tank was a big fat headstone.

I mean, because generally when you die homeless you get a pine box in Potters Field. It's likely enough that they didn't even know his real name.
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i was going to say, assuming this was usa, that it looked like a shrine. this kind of thing is quite common in latin america (it's not unusual for (soft drink) bottles to be left at roadside shrines - i am not sure why). it still looks pretty weird, but cultural mash-ups sometimes are.

however, i realised you're in the uk and i don't imagine that has the same latin american immigrant influences.
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Hobo shrine.
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Goth kids with too much time on their hands?

I see this type of things often near the tracks here.
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There's a spot under a bridge here in Cleveland that has been a magnet for all sorts of artwork made from found objects. I've seen everything from small collages to elaborate shrines to some damn fine graffiti. This would fit right in.
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I'm thinking it's probably an artsy homeless person, like this semi-famous guy in NYC.
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It reminds me of the last line in Blade Runner.
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I second shrine.
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I make those where I live. They exist to fuck with people. Obviously this guy's has done its job well.
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To me, it's perfectly clear that this is the work of the same mysterious beings responsible for crop circles.
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Crop circles are made by guys with a lot of time on their hands, a flat board, and the willingness to fuck with people. There's a lot of mysterious things that can be explained by the dadaist impulse of youth.
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One other possibility is that a schizophrenic person made that. I once knew a girl with that disorder who made a very interesting arrangement of objects around a tree. Obviously it had meaning to her, but only her.
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I make these comments on web sites where I hang out. They exist to fuck with people. Obviously that one has done its job well :-)

A little more on-topic: I have built similar found-object arrangements, on various scales, while in the grip of psychosis; as konolia hints, at the time they were so ecstatically stuffed with meaning as to be almost unbearable. You might care to try just standing and contemplating this thing as a piece of art, just as you might if it turned up in a gallery. Give it time to soak in, and see if it eventually moves you.

The way to mess with a dadaist's head is to demonstrate clearly that they have produced something worthy of time spent in contemplation :-)

Or, maybe you can examine the wall behind the installation for traces of miraculous appearances of the Virgin Mary or whatever.
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