What free software will allow me to print captions on my pics?
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Recommend a piece of free photo editing software that allows you to print photos with caption.

Having only recently entered the world of digital photography I am struggling to get this to work :(

I have tried Piscasa 2 and Corel Paint shop pro (the free version that came with my PC and which is about to expire anyway) and could not get this to work on either! Any recommendations for freeware or indeed anybody telling me how to do this in Corel would be much appreciated - Piscasa's help function tells me that function is currently not supported...
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What do you mean by caption? Text on top of the photograph?
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Perhaps this is what you're looking for?
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If you just want to superimpose text on an image (or really do some work with images in general), I'd suggest GIMP. It's a free open source image editing program that is probably 2/3s as powerful as photoshop (or more depending on who you ask). That means that the "easy" stuff you are thinking of is pretty easy to do.
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GIMP is good.. but notoriously difficult to use for a beginner.

Try Paint.NET.

Free.. Much easier to use
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XnView does this with a very simple dialogue interface.
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