Best way to send DVR signal to another TV wirelessly?
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I would like to transmit what is playing on one TV or DVR box to another room wirelessly. Best option?

So I have a Phillips HDTV set with a monitor out option so that is one option for output. The other item is a Comcast Motorola DVR.

I would like to be able to watch TV on the treadmill in the other room about 20-30 feet away. The TV in the other room is also an HD set.

If I could transmit HD that would be great but standard would be okay since its mostly for the Daily Show and Colbert while on the 'mill.

I am probably more concerned about price than quality. I don't want to spend that much money otherwise I would just get a second cable DVR in that room or buy the eps from iTunes and plug my iPod into the TV.

I had also considered a MythTV in that room but again more money than I want to spend considering I won't be watching the DVR/TV in both rooms at the same time.
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this previous question may be helpfull
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Response by poster: Slingbox is more than I wanted to spend. It was on my considered list but I determined it was more $$.

I did see the previous question, I just hoped there were some new products since then. A lot of the options given to him were not truly the wireless solution it seemed we were both looking for.
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Response by poster: I should also add I want to send the signal to a TV itself, not a computer. So the $104 slingbox tuner I don't believe would work...despite it being cheap enough to maybe consider.
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I have no idea if Comcast is offering them, but there are DVRs that broadcast to another room. We have one from Dish where the DVR is in the living room and the bedroom TV is just plugged into the cable outlet in the room. We have to point the remote at a weird corner of the ceiling in the bedroom to get reception (my husband thinks they put a remote receiver in the attic, plus there's an antenna sticking out the back of the DVR).

So yes, it is being done, I just don't know if you can get one from Comcast. I think Fios TV has a similar setup, not entirely sure whether there's a receiver at all for the secondary televisions.
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Well, if youre content with SD you can go with one of these. I played with the car version of this from a japanese manufacturer and it's ok. I'd make sure to get some kind of return guarantee if it can't handle the distance. You get what you pay for, of course.

30 feet isnt long. You might want to make it part of your workout ritual to roll out a cable. Coax would be simplest if you have coax in/outs on your machines. If not you can grab a long video, sound,sound RCA cable. Still SD but doable.

This one
is pricier but it doesnt intefere with wifi or most cordless phones. Might be worth it.

You can also connect a laptop to that tv and watch videos from a network share wirelessly. You'll have to torrent the episodes or use something like tivo to go.
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