Good Indesign template?
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Where can I find a good indesign template for a catalog design?
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This might be a bad question but, did you buy InDesign? It comes with quite a few templates, a few for catalogues and brochures.

File > New from Template...

I'm not sure if the warez "version" contains a lot of this extra bundle.
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I'm not sure if the warez "version" contains a lot of this extra bundle.

C'mon. Just 'cause the OP didn't go into a lot of detail doesn't mean he stole the software. And I, someone who owns a legitimate copy of the software, would love an original answer to the question, 'cause I've wondered that myself before.
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Response by poster: Yes, I have a legit version. Let me clarify, I'd like more choices than what Adobe shipped with the software.

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Best answer: If you are willing to go the dead tree route you can have the exact measurements used for catalogs by the design group of Before and After Magazine by buying their books or going to their site for the PDFs. I find their catalogue designs interesting and though they are not ready templates, the measurements and method of design are described for easy replication.
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