Gift for new dad
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Gift for father-to-be from the mother-to-be? I want to give my partner a gift- we are expecting in 2 weeks, my co-workers are throwing a shower for me, my partner has been working non-stop and I would like to do something special for him....

Dads- what's a good gift?
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Perhaps a nice camera?

New Dads often become photography fiends. My father invested a ton of cash into a then top-of-the-line Olympus system when I was born, only to forget all about it a year later.
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Nice rocking chair?
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1 - a onsie for baby and a matching shirt for dad (does your husband have a favorite designer?)

2 - a Man diaper bag, Babies-R-Us had some nice Eddie Bauer ones (I wasn't a fan of carrying my wifes "pretty bag")

Best Wishes!!!!
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Something I got for a close man friend of mine when his daughter was born: a manly baby sling.
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Seconding the camera, if he doesn't already have one. If he's got a still camera, a decent video camera might also be a good gift.

The sling is also a good idea. Lots of expecting parents I know have gone straight for the backpack-type carriers which are fine...after the baby's a bit larger. Newborns love slings, and as I've mentioned before, we've been extremely happy with a Maya Wrap. Link.
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Two words (the first one is "blow").
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Daddy Needs a Drink and Babies and Other Hazards of Sex were both well-reviewed by Mr Kmennie. Throw in a beer-of-the-month-club sort of thing with the first...
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A baby?
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A harley, duh.
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My wife gave me a nice watch which we later had engraved with our baby's name and date of birth.
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A massage appointment?
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It's important that he's reminded how important he is to you. There's a good chance there will be times when he'll be jealous of your time with the baby coming up, and a good chance he'll feel guilty for feeling that way. Whatever you get him, make sure you find a way to relate it to you and him, and not necessarily the new baby. Maybe a promise of some nights out (or in) the first few months without the kid, or even something like the beer-of-the-month that kmennie mentioned. I've been hinting at that for years and she's yet to catch on.

And please, remind him that first year that it's normal to feel that way.
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Can someone recommend a Beer-of-the-month club for a lover of Sierra Nevada?
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A gift certificate good for a night out with his buddies would be awesome. He might not see the value in it now, but, trust me, he will once he's been a daddy for a few weeks.
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I was given a watch. Nothing special, but I've worn it every day for the last ten years, and it's the only possession that I'd be broken up to lose.
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I say make him a coupon book. It is simple, but comes in handy when the situation arises. Make coupons that say "good for 3 hours of uninterrupted tv/video game time" or "good for one day of no diaper duty." While material things would be a great idea, you may be forced to spend money you guys do not have. And when the baby comes, I am sure he will want to spend as much time with you and the little one, but he will need a break. You could also do coupons that would give him a break from laundry or dishes, something that will give him some free time for himself to relax, especially since you said he was working so hard. And those coupon books can really last for months, even a year or so, if he uses them wisely.
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