Where can I download Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 camera software?
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I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 but I lost the CD with the camera software and I can't find it anywhere for download. Any tips? Sony website only allows downloading of updates but I don't have the original sw. It used to be called Sony Cybershot Viewer.
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This guy in this ebay listing says he has other Cybershot model CDs. Might as well email him and see if he has the W50 software you specifically need... Do yourself a favor though, see if you can get him to list whatever you need officially on ebay with an agreed upon Buy It Now price. You go in, Buy It Now, use paypal. Make it all legit and stuff, in case something goes wrong.
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Hi dcrocha,

What do you actually need the software for? I have the DSC T9 and just use Picasa for transferring pictures off, some light editing etc, etc.
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You shouldn't need the software at all. Just plug it in and Windows/whatever should recognise the camera as a hard drive then you copy the jpegs off it and do with them as you please. Or if that doesn't work, stick the card in a card reader and copy the jpegs off that way.

If you're shooting RAW (does the camera support it?), there are plenty of third-party raw conversion tools around, some free.
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Hey, I needed no software to get my DSC-w50 working. I just use picasa and it does it all for me. However, if you really want the CD, I'll mail mine. I have no use for it, it's just sitting on The Spindle Of Useless Old Software.
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