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A while back I was looking into Eisner Award winning (Talent deserving of wider recognition) Comic Book artist Jason Shiga's site, and I came across the following quote:

"This comic was inspired by the maze-maker/mathematian, Greg Bright. At the age of 23 he had dug a 5 acre human labyrinth by himself. But he is probably most well known for what Guiness has deemed the World's most complex maze. For the past 10 years he's been working on a maze book like no other...pathways would wind through various holes die cut into each page. Last I heard, his project was approaching 1,000 pages."

I want to find out more about this book. More inside...

Here's where it gets tricky. When I originally found this quote I did my best googling, and remember somehow figuring out that the guy's name is either not 'greg bright' or the spelling is different. I can't remember which. I'm looking for people who:
  • Know about this person
  • Know if this is his correct name
  • Know where I can find out more about this insane maze book
Emailing the author of the quote garnered a response, but it was of the 'search amazon' variety. Googling has produced next to nothing.
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Response by poster: Also: a Maze book by a 'Greg Bright' does come up with Google. I'm aware of this - I'm more interested in information on this mammoth work in progress.
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It looks like Greg Bright was obscure even in 1996!

You might try posting to rec.puzzles or emailing nicely someone like adrian fisher
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there's a book by him called The Hole Maze Book: Pyrotechnical Puzzles for Persistent People. Maybe that was it?
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I emailed Jason [who is a fellow library worker] and he said this...
"I don't think the book book with the holes exists yet. Greg Bright mentioned the project in his book, "The Great Maze Book" but at that time it was unfinished. There have been other maze books that have holes cut into them but I don't remember their names."
Maybe you can console yourself with this guy who dug a labyrinth of tunnels under Liverpool.
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I think it's likely that the whole thing was a little joke, based on this Borges story about a man who retires to spend his time building a labryinth and writing a novel.
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