Overnight road trip stop, Columbus OH area to Philly.
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We're taking a road trip with our 10 month old from Philly to western Ohio (Coldwater, NW of Columbus) via the PA Turnpike and 70W. Where should we stop overnight on the way back?

There's no way she'll make the whole trip without going insane, so we're stopping on the way out probably at some sort of depressing PA Turnpike rest stop and then in Zanesville, OH for the night. We'll also be making a detour into Columbus for the North Market and Half Price Books. On the way back we'd like to stay overnight somewhere else. Maybe somewhere in WV? Wheeling, maybe? Morgantown? Washington, PA? Our requirements: a decent hotel, somewhere to eat that doesn't suck, and hopefully something local to see before we get back on the road.

Also, if anyone has any must-see or must-eat suggestions that are baby-friendly (she's not a terror) anywhere along that route, we'd love to hear them - we have some extra time.
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Morgantown isn't on 70; it's probably about a half hour south of 70.

Are you into outdoorsy stuff at all? There's a Cabela's megastore just outside of Wheeling now. Pretty impressive to visit, though it's not really a "local" attraction.
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My wife was disgusted by Cabela's, she's not much of an outdoorsy type person, but the museum of dead animals really made her angry. So be warned if that might be you....

Last summer we stayed at the Knights Inn in Washington, PA. It was just alright. but there's lots to eat off that exit, maybe not much "local" but big chains and such. Eat-n-Park is near and their grilled stickies rock!

We took our children to a street-car museum just down the road from there.... and had a good time. Not sure if it'd be good for a 10month old. But it's fairly cheap and very interesting.

Wheeling Park in Wheeling is particularly nice, I believe there's a pay-pool, and golf, and a huge playground, a lake with paddle boats and ducks to throw food at! :-)
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Wheeling Park. Also highly recommended would be Oglebay Park. They have a zoo and a big pool and other activities. There are accommodations in the park and within a 5 mile radius of the city you should find most outposts of hotel/motels in the low-to-middle end of the spectrum.

I've never been, but Wheeling also has a place called the Kruger St. Toy and Train Museum.

As for something quick to see, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge pre-dates the Civil War and at its time of construction, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

I grew up in Wheeling but haven't spent a lot of time there recently so I can't give any food recommendations but if you had any specific questions I could try and find out....email is in the profile.
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Be advised that, as of last week when I drove my mom from New Martinsville to Columbus for a doctor's appointment, I noticed signs that indicated one of the tunnels was closed on I-70 in Wheeling - you're directed (at least driving eastbound) to take the I-470 bypass.

Bella Via in Wheeling is good Italian-American.
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...food, I should say. Good Italian-American *food*.
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We had a lot of luck with Country Inn and Suites. There was a great pool, free cookies, very kid-friendly. Also, I highly recommend an in-car DVD player for traveling with wee ones. You can get a cheap one at places like Best Buy for around $50 and it is worth its weight in gold. We played the Baby Einstien DVDs for my oldest when he was about 10 months, and it saved my sanity on a lot of long car trips.
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Bella Via is pretty good and is relatively close to the Kruger St. Toy and Train Museum.
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