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Suit/Tailor recommendations in North NJ or NYC?

So I'm in my 30's and fairly regularly wear suits to work or other events. While I don't think I am horrible in suits, I am a bit concerned that the Men's Wearhouse and/or Macy's suits that I have been wearing and purchasing are a bit.... well.. cheap (and/or cheap looking). I always hear that bespoke suits are the best, but they always seem either pricey or hard to find where to have them done... I've seen some online places that tell you to measure yourself...

So -
Anyone every use one of those online bespoke places?
Anyone have a brand or store to shop at w/good tailors and quality suits?
Heck - anyone know anyplace in NYC or North Jersey that is an actual bespoke suit tailor?
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I only know about actual tailors, and I'm not sure what you consider pricey, but these are two I've used in NYC: Hong Kong Tailor Jack, on Waverly Street just W of 6th Ave, will make you a suit in any of the fabrics he has shelved by the door, for $1800-$2200 depending on the fabric. Seize sur Vingt, on Elizabeth Street in NoLIta, will make you a suit for about $4000; they also sell and alter suits off the rack.

I also always recommend the couture consignment store Ina Men, on Mott St below Houston, which often has very nice suits that can be altered to a near-perfect fit by HK Tailor Jack, or Ramón a block north on Mott St.
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there was something on NPR...All Things Considered, I think...last week or the week before about a tailor in NYC that does custom suits for ~$1500 and has been doing it for 80yrs or so. Sorry I don't have more info than that, but in NYC it shouldn't be hard to find something.
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the sartorialist is metioned frequently on AskMe. It turns out there is a list of "sartorialists" and their tailors on the site, too (as well as their barbers, drycleaners and shoe repairers). Ten of them are in NYC.
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