Hi-res Bush Photos
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Where can I find hi-res images of George W Bush--especially candid pics? I've checked all the usual places (google images, whitehouse.gov, etc). I'd even pay a few bucks if necessary.
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Corbis or Getty Images are good bets. Both have large databases of news photos. Searching both it looks like Getty has more dubya photos.
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corbis editorial search.
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Usual places= flickr, ask.com, photobucket??
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Response by poster: Corbis and Getty have a bunch, but their prices are a bit out of my league.

Didn't try photobucket. I'll do that now.

Thanks, all.
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There are some on the George W Bush page of the Wikimedia Commons site. You'll need to click on each image to get the maximum resolution. The official portraits at least are in high resolution.
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but their prices are a bit out of my league.

call a rep. they're flexible. you should be able to get a decent res for $100-$150 if it's for something small. if you however want to run it on a cover and all that ... well.
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