Anyone know their way around Paris and Amsterdam?
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EuroTourFilter How much travel time is involved in getting from: 1) La Flèche d'Or at 102 bis rue de Bagnolet - 75020 to the Louvre? 2) Paradiso at Weteringschans 6-8, Leidseplein to the Rijksmuseum? Is public transport to/from workable for a first time, ignant American visitor? Thanks for any insight you can offer. I'm leaving in about 4 hours...
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Paradiso to the Rijksmuseum is a few minutes walk at most.
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Paradiso and the Rijksmuseum are very close to each other. 5 minutes walk between them. Unfortunately haven't been to Paris (yet).
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Just to third the comments that the Rijksmuseum is a stone's throw away from the Paradiso.
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If you're in amsterdam, do rent a bike.

The parisian transport authority says it should take you slightly more than half an hour. Warning: their site opens new windows galore.
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Yeah, Rijksmuseum and Paradiso are a short walk, but you already know that now :-)

Just in case you don't get any other responses about Paris in the next couple of hours: this website (English version is available) has a route planner. If I checked correctly, it should be about half an hour by public transport, but perhaps there are faster options.
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on preview, what stereo said... (including the bike suggestion: you won't need it for Paradiso to Rijksmuseum, but it is definitely a good way to get around the city).
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(eh not on preview - that should be 'after posting that, without previewing...' . that was the whole problem. Never mind :-)
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Metro lines in Paris are displayed by the end station of the line - Get Line 2 (Direction Nation) from Alexandre Dumas (very close to your start address) to Nation (so end of the line). Change to Line 1, Direction La Défense and get off at Louvre Palais Royal.

According to the RATP route planner, this should take 25 mins.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Excellent news abt Rijksmuseum.
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Alexandre Dumas doesn't appear to be very close to the address (the RATP maps have house numbers), according to the RATP planner it's about a 12 minute walk, there are a couple of bus stations closer to La Flèche d'Or. But overall it's only a few minutes' difference if you look at the total travel time, so I guess it all depends on your favourite mode of transport (I think the last part is by bus either way).
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(please don't rent a bike in Amsterdam unless you are used to riding a bike in heavy traffic. Like many locals, I'm really fed up with clueless tourists on bikes holding up the traffic or nearly killing me and/or themselves.)
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