kunstpalast fur industriepalast?
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anyone know where i can find a poster of fritz kahn's classic litho, "Der Mensch als Industriepalast" (Man as Industrial Palace), in toronto?

image here.

bonus points if anyone has a link to translations of all the german words (my babel-fu fails me).

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Response by poster: i should clarify, i'd like to buy this poster. and if you know who's selling, a ballpark figure on price would rock my world too. danke!
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My first guess would be Alternative Arts on Bloor. Doubt they'd have it but they'd know where to get it...
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Best answer: The German words are standard body parts vocabulary. The information at the bottom of the page is the publishing information. If you're looking for better babel-fu, try http://dict.leo.org, which is a truly top-notch German-English (or German-French or German-Spanish) dictionary.
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Best answer: The appeals for a poster in this thread lead me to think that you won't find one easily. You might be happy to settle for this adaptation [via] (which has a link to this).
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I found this as well. It's from the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin.
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