Birders, hear my call
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Birders: Help me figure out what bird I saw today! It looked a lot like the bird in this picture - the Greater Ani - but that bird's not usually sighted in North America, according to various internet sources.

My bird looks almost exactly like the Greater Ani in that picture, down to its blue and black colouring, white iris and tail length and the bird's size.

The only thing that didn't match up in physical appearance was that my bird seemed to have a slimmer beak than the Greater Ani. My Googling also tells me that the Greater Ani is from South America, and I saw this bird in a fairly urban area of Toronto.

Wish I had a picture, but I couldn't get my camera in time. Best informed guesses as to what this bird could be?
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Common Grackle
posted by hydrophonic at 9:32 PM on August 6, 2007 suggests either the Common Grackle or Rusty Blackbird.
posted by fshgrl at 9:35 PM on August 6, 2007

Most likely some variation of the common grackle. What made you notice it? Living in the south, I see them all the time, but I find them fascinating, particularly their nightly roosts in the 100ks to millions.
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Agreed on Common Grackle.

skwillz -- They're not as common further north, especially not in those numbers.
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They're kind of pretty with the iridescence, in an ugly sort of way. Like oil in a puddle in a parking lot, and about as common.
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Audubon's pic
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Definitely a grackle. The males have heads that shine blue in the light.
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I love me some grackles!
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Although the Smooth-billed Ani is found in Florida, or used to be.
posted by cephalopodcast at 9:19 AM on August 7, 2007

Could be a raven.
posted by electroboy at 12:54 PM on August 7, 2007

Response by poster: First time I've seen it where I'm from. Thanks AskMe!
posted by catburger at 7:26 PM on August 7, 2007

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