Where can I find the David Cross interview
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where can i hear/watch a copy of the David Cross interview "Comedy Isn't Pretty"? I heard about it from this article about Michael Cera 'Cera said he carries in his bag an interview with David Cross, one of his many comedy mentors and a fellow actor in "Arrested Development." Headlined "Comedy Isn't Pretty," the interview features Cross "talking about how not enough people are willing to look foolish these days," Cera said. "That really had a big message to me. You can't have any shame."'
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I googled high and low, but came up with nothing. I really hope someone answers this question.
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Same here. I'm stumped. I would love to read the article.
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All my googling madness was able to uncover was a blog entry mentioning an article that the author couldn't find anywhere online. He said the article was called "Comedy isn't Pretty" and was printed in the New Yorker.

After years of searching, he found that the NY'er had finally put the entire article online as a PDF.

Alas, the title of the article turned out to be "Comedy isn't Funny" and was about the cast of SNL in the early 90's (when Janeane Garofolo was on there). I didn't bother to read the article, barely skimmed it, but I doubt there was anything about David Cross in there.

I, too, would like to read this article if it's ever put online somewhere.
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