What is a recommended replacement to an existing home security system?
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Home Security: What is a recommended alarm panel to replace a 15-year old hardwired alarm system?

Just moved to a house built 35 years ago, and this house used to have ADT monitoring with a 15-year old 'Moose' brand 'Z1100 System II'. (Not to get into too much detail, but from what I can tell there are three doors, two motion detectors, and six windows with sensors on them.)

I used to use Brinks and would like to use a low-cost (i.e. $9/month) monitoring system like NextAlarm.com, but they do not support alarm systems as old as the one I have.

Any suggestions on what alarm panel that would use the existing wiring/sensors? I see brands like DSC and Ademco, and want a system that is relatively easy to program. The existing system appears to be very complicated as the manual which I have was printed in 1985, and is not unsimilar to programming an Apple ][+ in assembly language. (Not that there's anything against that but it does stretch my abilities...)

I'm fine (budget-wise) to spend up to $250 on a new panel. Ideas?
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Napco 1000 series is simple, cheap and rather configurable. As our the Ademco Vista series.

I'm not sure though if someone not in the industry can buy these systems or hook them up to a central station. Last time I checked a license was needed.
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I can't speak directly to your question since I had a professional install my system, but the alt.security.alarms newsgroup is frequented by guys who have experience with this stuff.
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