How to get tabbed browsing past a software filter
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Need Tabbed Browsing: Help me get past a software filter (Integrity Enterprise) at work -- all i want to do is run Firefox, or hell, even IE 7. I just want tabs instead of the twenty separate browser windows that are popping up

I have read through previous threads on this question, but none of the suggestions have worked for me. My company has Integrity Advanced Server running and it blocks any attempts to run any applications that aren't on a pre-set approved list that's defined at the network level. I also can't install any toolbars on the approved IE 6 client. I've called IT and pleaded with them about letting me run Firefox, but a decision on that is "in committee" and has been pending for months now. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get tabbed browsing functionality under these circumstances?
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I had the same issue. My hack: download portable firefox to a non work related computer. Install or move the files to a USB storage key. Lastly, I renamed firefox.exe to visio.exe.

Good luck!
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Kludgy idea, but might work for you -- Use another application that has tabs and is capable of displaying web pages -- for instance, Lotus Notes can render web pages and it uses the explorer engine. You just have to go into preferences and allow it. May be possible in Excel as well but I don't know specifically how it would work.
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In my experience, IT takes an exceedingly dim view of people working around their policies. They have them for a reason. And since you've already asked them, you've kind of thrown the "It's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" idea out the window.

So, be careful. You may get shat on from a great height for this.
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Best answer: Try the Portable Apps version of FF and pop it on a USB stick. As Sagres indicates, rename the .exe to an executable program you're allows to normally run for your best chances.
If they don't allow USB drives, you can also use run FF from a CD
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There are some websites out there that simulate tabbed browsing within the site itself. Mainly for use with things like the Wii browser, but they might be helpful for your case. Search google for "wii tabbed browsing" for a bunch of solutions.
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Best answer: Is the decision to run IE7 "in committee" too? That may be an easier sell to your IT department, assuming you're running in a predominantly Windows IT environment. Not that it particularly makes sense, but hey, if it'll get you tabbed browsing sooner, it may be your best bet.
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What about one of the numerous add-ons for IE6 that have tabs?
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Oh, toolbars.
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Is Remote Desktop approved? I remote desktop into my home machine from work and do all my browsing from my home computer with Firefox.
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Volunteer to be on that committee.
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