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I need to find a reliable auto repair shop in Tempe/Phoenix AZ for some brake work.

My brakes are making icky noises. I've previously done 90% of my car maintenance myself, but that was when I lived near my father and had ready access to a shop full of tools and several decades of accumulated experience. When we couldn't fix it, we'd take it to a small, locally-owned garage who's service people my father trusted.

I'm now 2100 miles away from there and I just want to fix the problem. I'm relatively certain I know what the problem is and how much it should cost (in terms of parts) to fix. However, I have exactly zero experience finding and selecting repair shops. Can I just call one of the national chains, or should I shop around and try to find a good local guy by ear? I can sort of talk the talk, but car work was a small enough part of my interests that I'm not 100% confident I could sort a con man from a legit guy and I've heard lots of horror stories.

If anyone in Tempe/Phoenix has recommendations, that'd be even better. The car is a 1990 Camry, and I suspect the work I'll need will be having the pads changed, one rotor milled or maybe replaced, and one set of calipers thoroughly lubricated.
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Response by poster: Err, whose. On preview, my grammar needs improvement.
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We use the family-owned Red Mountain Tire and Auto located in Mesa, AZ. We've always been very happy with their service. They're honest and do a great job.
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The Car Talk guys usually have good recommendations.
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Arizonan here. I use Kitchell Fleet Services in Phoenix. They officially work commercial fleets, but a lucky few mortals have found them, and they're very reliable and honest.
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Call Sid at Universal Automotive Services . He's been servicing my family's cars for almost a decade now.
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